Ensemble "STYLE of FIVE"

1961 Born on January 22 in Zhitomir, Ukraine, in the family of musicians, Father - composer, mother - music teacher.
1967 Began studying piano directed by his parents.
1976 Continued studying in Zhitomir Musical College at Ihe piano class.
Just there he started studying composition directed by his father.
1977 This year was the start point of jazz and rock music occupations.
1978 The first compositions were written: cycle of piano pieces, pieces for violin and piano, vocal cycle.
1979 Then there were experiments in the other genres: compositions for choir, flute and chamber orchestra.
1980-82 Graduated from the music college and went to the Military Service.
1982 Entered the Composition faculty of the Leningrad (St Petersburg) State Conservatoire (to professor A. D. Mnatsakanian).
During the years of studying there appeared the String Quartet, Quintet for winds, choirs to the verses by the Soviet poets.
1987 Graduating from the conservatoire he introduced the First Symphony as the diploma work, which was awarded the title of the -Union Competition Among the Young Composers. At the same time he continued working in light music genres - songs, instrumental music. Beginning of pedagogical work (instrumentation class) in the Leningrad Culture Institute (now St Petersburg University of Culture and Arts)
1988 For the Chamber theatre of Riga he wrote the rock-opera "Chance" to the story by R. Shakley "Humans' Burden"
1989 Entered the research staff at the Petersburg Conservatoire (to professor Mnatsakanian). Admittance to the Composers' Union of St Petersburg. Daughter Irina was born.
1990 Passion to electronic music led to professional work in the Computer Music studio at the St Petersburg Composers' Union. The First Symphony was performed by orchestra of the Norrkoping in Sweden at the Festival of Young composers of the USSR.
1991 The Second Symphony for big symphony orchestra. It was demonstrated as the final work at the Research post-graduate faculty.
1992 Musical to the stories by J. Steinbeck "Paisano From Monterrey".
1993 Passion to Russian folk instruments. Series of compositions for the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, for folk instruments solo and various ensembles, The Suite from the rock-opera "Chance" is performed at the "third trend" music festivals in Bulgaria, Poland, England.
1994 The ensemble "The Style of Five" ( Stil Piati) was organized, starting its activity (the composer himself played the parts of the keyed and synthesizers). Tours to the USA, Norway, Japan, Switzerland. The musical: "Maugli" for children was staged in Ukraine.
1995 Began working at the St Petersburg Conservatoire and at the Selecting Board of the Composers' Union/ The composition "Advent" is created for ensemble " The Style of Five(domra, gusli, bayan, bass-balalaika, synthesizers)
1995 Cooperation with producers of the leading theatres of St Petersburg - I. Vladimirov, V. Pazi, G. Trostenetsky etc.
1996 Organized his own electronic studio. Was awarded the title of [aureate at the competition devoted to the Leningrad region hymn creation.
1997 Concerto for Domra and Symphony Orchestra was written.
1998 Concerto for Guitar with Symphony Orchestra and Guitar solo cycle of pieces were written
1999 American recording studio "Delos" issued the CD of the ensemble " The Style of Five", where there are series of author's compositions and original transcriptions of the other composers.
2000 "Five Epigraphs" for domra, gusli, bayan, bass-balalaika and chamber orchestra "Minensemblet" from Norway. Premiere took place in St Petersburg.
2000 Music for CDPC "Troy - Myth and Reality" ordered by the State Hermitage.



1987 Symphony I for big symphony orchestra Score,24' manuscript
1991 Symphony ? 2 for big symphony orchestra Score, 28' manuscript


1988 Fantasy on Two Russian Folk Songs for domra Score, 10' and Russian folk instruments orchestra Manuscript, Record
1994 Blizzardlet, overture for the Russian folk. Score, 8' instruments orchestra manuscript.
1995 Composition for 1 8 instruments and conductor Score, 17' manuscript.
1997 Concerto for Domra and Symphony Orchestra Score, 32' manuscript
1998 Concerto for Guitar and Symphony Orchestra Score, 20' manuscript.
2000 Four Epigraphs, for domra, gusli, bayan, bass- Score, 20' balalaika and chamber orchestra. manuscript.


1988 Human's Burden, rock-opera to the stories by Score, 60' R. Shakley manuscript.
1992 Paisano From Monterrey, musical to the story by Score. 85' J. Steinbeck manuscript
1994 Maugli, musical to the story R. Kipling. Pianoscore, 60' manuscript.
1995 His Beloved ... Death, musical to the story Pianoscore, 80' A- Mourois "Hotel Thanatos" manuscript.


1978 Preludes for violin and plant Manuscript, 15' Record.
1983 Pieces for winds quintet Manuscript, 14' Record..
1984 String Quartet Manuscript, 18' Manuscript, 12'
1992 Entrage, piano pieces cycle Manuscript
1995 Advent, composition for domra, gusli, bayan ,bass-balalaika and synthesize Manuscript o"38"o= Record.
1998 Pieces for guitar solo Manuscript,
2000 "Troy- Myth and Reality", music CD ROM Manuscript for State Hermitage CD. 40'

Musik for teatre performance

1995 Blessed Dandelion, to the play by B. Ratter V.and Konstantinov. Producer O.Levakov. Record.
1995 Victim, to the play by M. Fratti.Producer I.Vladimirov Record.
1996 Face, to the play by I. Bergman. Producer V. Pazi.. Record.
1997 With Blockhead, to the play by A. Grekov. . Producer V. Pazi Record
1997 Electra, to the play by G. Giraudoux. Producer V. Dvorkin. Record.
1998 Hipochondriac to the play by J. B. Moliere. Producer G.Trostenetsky.Record.
1998 Brother Rabbit at the Wild West to the play by L. Gaidai (for children) Producer V. Pazi Record.
1999 Jacques and his Master to the play by M. Kundera Producer V. Pazi Record.
2000 Infernal Garden to the play by M. Mainardi. Producer A. Andreev.Record.
2000 We shallSee What We Shall See, to the play by B. Shaw. Producer V. PaziRecord.
2002 Portrait to the play by N Gogol producer G.Trostenetsky. Record
2002 Created a miracle to the play by Gibbson producer V.Bazenova. Record
2003 Frederik or parkway of crimes to the play by E.Shmidt producer V.Pazi. Record
2004 Wedding Krechinsky to the play by Suxovo-Kobilin producer T.Kazakova. Record
2005 Phantoms to the play by E.De Filipo producer T.Kazakova .Record